October 7, 2019

‘Mini Hotel’ Training Centre opens in Coventry

Allison Pike provided the design services for a new Premier Inn Training Centre at Hereward College, Coventry, comprising a 3 bedroom ‘mini’ hotel, complete with reception, linen room and typical circulation spaces.

Fitted out exactly as a normal Premier Inn, the facility aims to provide students with additional needs experience and training to help them into work in a realistic hospitality environment.

Hereward College specialises in skills training for independent living and work for young people with disabilities and additional needs.Premier Inn MD Simon Ewins said “Diversity is at the core of our people plan and we continue our focus on becoming the most inclusive hospitality business”. Led by Fusion Building Consultancy and built by Novus Property Solutions, on behalf of Whitbread, many of the consultants, contractors and suppliers offered their services free of charge. The centre opened on 17th June 2019.


Coventry Telegraph

Hereward College